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Hello world!

April 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Mynu is a start-up founded by four food-loving UW TMMBA students. As the market exists now, there are no consistent menu aggregators for individuals to 1) figure out what they want to eat, 2) see all of their close-by options, and 3) place an order. Diners must already have an idea of what they want or be willing to trust often incomplete or outdated menus to make their decisions.

Mynu aims to become the one-stop digital portal for individuals (diners) to order take-out dishes by providing the easiest to use mobile and online look-up and ordering application with the most extensive and accurate real-time menu. For the food vendors, Mynu will offer an easy to use mobile business solution that will take the guesswork out of order, payment, and inventory tracking, and allow them to focus their efforts on what their service is all about: the food!

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